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What Does the 5 Point Blood Star Stand for -

I have found little agreement as to what each of the five points represent, but the gang tattoos often depict a red star with the number 5 in the center.

red five point star gang tattoo

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Gang Signs - Keep Your Child Out Of Jail

Information about gang signs, and Images of gang signs. . Gang Identifiers: Blood gang symbols include but are not limited to the following: a Five-point star ( symbolizing the Bloods . The Bloods primary choice of color is red. . Tattoos may include the acronym M.O.B. (Member of Blood / Money Over Bitches), a dog paw .

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Urban Dictionary: 5 point star

Guy: He's got a 5 point star tattoo. What's that for? Guy 2: He's a Blood gang member. Shit, I'm not staying here! mark as favorite buy 5 point star mugs & shirts.

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Gang Awareness Guide - State of New Jersey

that gangs and gang related activities impact every community in our State. . which contains phrases, hand signs, tattoos, . Eyebrows cut to form five points.

Tell It Like It Is » “Bloods” More Gang Knowledge -

Sep 20, 2009 . Although the majority of Blood gangs identify with the color red, members may . This training will cover the tattoos that blood gang members use. . Five Pointed Star - Bloods rep the number five and use a five pointed star as .

Gang signal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This can take many forms including slogans, tattoos, hand signs and colored clothing. . gang tattoo, a lion with a crown, and signifying the 5 point star with his hands . For example, the Crips and the Bloods, The bloods gang color is red so to .

Interpreting gang tattoos. - Free Online Library - The Free Library

Newer publications often have a photograph of the gang tattoo. . Raza has used the Huelga bird and a five-pointed star known as the northern star.

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Quick Guide to Gangs - Community Corrections Institute

Gang Identifiers: • The five-pointed star in tattoos or graffiti showing affiliation to the People Nation. • “Damu” meaning 'Blood' in Swahili in graffiti, tattoos and.

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Today's Gangs:

and Crips, chose colors, such as Red and Blue, . Tattoos. • Gang Tattoos come in many varieties. • The most common gang . A 5 point star or 5 point crown.

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Know the Signs: A Guide to Gang Identification - New Jersey Senate ...

5. Gang Colors and Identifiers —. Bloods: • Colors: Primary colors are red and black. . Stars (5 or 6 pointed most common) . gang tattoos and literature. 19 .

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Gang Tattoos & Symbols | Prison Tattoo Designs

An overview of gang tattoos and symbols + examples of gangsta style designs. . Alternatively, a small five pointed star can be found on the hand, between the .

Full text of "Texas Gangs" - Internet Archive

Tattoos The ABT insignia or tattoo depicts a shield with a Nordic dagger running . These groups identified with the color red, the school color of Compton's . Members may also use the five-pointed star, which is known as the "Blood Star" and .

Gang Facts and Myths - the Conroe ISD Police Department

red, which signifies a Blood affiliation, became the color of choice in tennis shoes for gang members of . Tattoos of gang affiliation or affection. These may be crude or . gym shoes because of the five-pointed star on the side. F.) Tongues of .

Gangs: Awareness, Prevention, Intervention - Texas Police Central

The Will County State's Attorney's Gang Prosecution Unit: Steve Platek, Alyson DeBell, James Long. Kelli Bettenhausen . RED FLAGS AND WARNING SIGNS . . openly displaying gang tattoos, spraying gang graffiti and making hand . In most instances, gangs allied with the People use the five-point star in their graffiti  .

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Prison Tattoos - Imgur

A manacle represents a 5-year prison term, while a bear is reserved for . They identify themselves with red bandanas. . People Nation is a Chicago-based gang who's symbols include the five-pointed star, the five-pointed crown and the five .

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