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Load data for the 454 Casull. . 7.5" freedom arms,field grade. heavy LEE factory crimp. 240gr JHP, 36.2 . This load duplicates the Freedom Arms factory load.

ballistic chart for freedom arm 454 casull

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by Lee Martin -

the time was a cheap alternative to the .454 (Casull brass was only offered through. Freedom Arms back in '94). . BFR can duplicate .454 ballistics at 35,000 CUP; in other words, almost half the pressure . carry, the tables are stacked against rifle cartridges in a handgun. . Specifically, while the .454 Casull holds.

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Horsepower by the Handful | Reviews | Guns & Ammo

Casull eventually partnered in 1979 with Wayne Baker of Freedom Arms in Wyoming, and the FA Model 83 single-action revolver chambered in .454 Casull  .

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Where Do You Draw the Line on Handgun Recoil? - Guns & Ammo

Jun 10, 2011 . I have shot the .454 Casull in a Freedom Arms Single Action that was . I likened the recoil to laying your hand on a table and whacking the web . as i expected for a revolver basically duplicating the ballistics of a 45/70 in a .

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I have a Taurus 454 casull thats very accurate I'm kicking around the idea of the . precisely made (and expensive) Freedom Arms single action 5-shot . The Winchester trajectory table shows a mid range rise of 0.4" over 50 .

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Ballistic performance . The .454 Casull (/k?'sul/) is a firearm cartridge, developed in 1957 by Dick Casull and Jack Fullmer. . The first commercially available revolver chambered in .454 Casull was made by Freedom Arms in 1983 as a .

Freedom Arms Inc. Revolver loading data for .454 Casull

Freedom Arms Inc. Revolver loading data for .454 Casull . BALLISTICS' COMPARISON CHART. . 454 CASULL, 240 JHP, 1875 F.P.S., 1884 FT-LBS. 1.3 " .

- TheDirtTV1

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The information displayed on this site, including ballistic data, was derived from . 45 Colt (Ruger, Freedom Arms & T/C only): The data is intended for 45 Colt .

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I finally got some reliable ballistics data for the Federal 110 in a 2" barrel besides Federal. . at North American Arms, moved to Freedom Arms and there designed the .454 Casull . See also the various velocity data charts at the NAA website.

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454 Casull Factory Ammo Performance - LEVERGUN.COM

Fortunately, there are now at least four major players offering 454 Casull . Use of 45 Colt ammunition in the 454 is proscribed by Freedom Arms. The . potential effectiveness of a hunter's shot, three things are critical, see table: . Typically, chronographed velocity in Freedom Arms revolver duplicates advertised ballistics .

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BUFFALO BARNES LEAD FREE 454 Casull Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. Maximum . 83 circa 1985, 6 inch; 1643 fps -- Freedom Arms mod. 83 circa 2001, 6 inch . Item 7D - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several Muzzle Velocities .

Rossi Legacy 454 Casull VS 45-70 gov't Marlin 1895 - YouTube

Aug 29, 2012 . they may reach out farther check your bullet/ load chart the 454 was very . both would drop Boar, Deer, Bear, Elk, Moose, Big Bear with a good . a matching hand cannon chambered in the same round BFR makes a . Marlin 1895GBL (45 -70 Government) Shoot-N-Reviewby IdeaCalledFreedom19,513 .

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Nov 22, 2009 . CFR Small Arms Ballistic Testing and Research Services. . .353 Casull [hunting load by CorBon for Freedom Arms revolver, 180 gr @ 1650 ft/s ] .

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As a result of testing to optimize terminal ballistics on the 10mm Auto, the FBI . Freedom Arms Model 83 6”, 454 Casull/45 Colt/45 ACP, $2,000 . to ballistcs charts from my current location, as indicated by the question mark.

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Ammo Chart - Adams Ordnance

Representative Ballistics, Other Names for this Cartridge .

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